Day One – Mission Complete

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was tempted to skip it, because I was sneezing my head off and feeling draggy, but I made myself go to the gym today… the first session of Project Shepard. Spent a little over an hour there, walked two miles, and spent the rest of the time in weight training.

First day observations…

1) My arm muscles got a great workout, I can tell, but my leg muscles don’t feel the same shaky/burn sensation. I think I’ll have to push those harder on Friday.

2) Cardio got easier throughout the session. The first ten minutes, I felt totally gross, but after that, while I still kept my heart rate as high as the first ten minutes, if not higher, it just wasn’t as onerous.

3) I can tell I burned some calories, because I am -starved-. My breakfast of Cheerios may have to be beefed up to include some protein of the non-dairy variety.


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