I just realized it’s been more than a month since I last posted!

With the exception of a week and a half that I was on vacation, I am still going to the gym three times a week. I’ve been horribly remiss in my alternating day cardio, though. Gotta get better about that. Even so, I’ve lost seven pounds, improved my BMI, and shaved 10-15 BPM off my routine, heart-rate-wise. Time to start working harder on the cardio, but I’m very happy to see the tangible results of it getting easier.


Well, mission not accomplished yesterday. My sunburn blistered, which made even simple movements agonizing. Today, I have aloe with lidocaine, and I think the blisters have formed and popped, so less pain generally. Ew, TMI, right?

Today, went to the gym and did my thang despite not really wanting to. That’s what it’s all about right? Doing what needs doing no matter what?

Gotta get the eating down to some sort of schedule. Lack of planning makes for eating things like Clif bars for breakfast which, while very good for you in many respects, still have a ton of carbs and they really don’t stick with me very long. I’m having hunger pangs now after my workout.

Despite having a pernicious sunburn, and having to take my dog to the vet, I managed to haul my butt out to the gym and do my routine. I hadn’t eaten yet, as a result of poor planning, so I had a homemade breakfast sandwich in the car at the gym, which felt rather ironic. Mondays are definitely hard. Getting better at the treadmill – swing my arms when I walk now instead of holding on to the rails, which is really quite a crutch, literally and figuratively, when you get tired. I’m just proud of myself for going. Shepard would have. >:)

Didn’t really get much done Saturday… was gone most of the day. Learned some Zumba steps.

Sunday went out on the boat and swam a multitude of laps around the boat, some using just legs, some just arms, some all, some backwards, some forwards. Feel like I got a pretty good workout, even though I didn’t really mean to.

Tomorrow back on the gym circuit, after I take the dog to the vet for suspected Ringworm infection.

Went to the gym today for about an hour and fifteen minutes… did my full routine, but skipped the back and abdominal exercises at the end. Going to have to figure out how to do those next week… may do them when I get home, because the gym doesn’t really have mats or floor space for that sort of thing.

The session was easier overall, my heart rate didn’t get up as high as last time, with the same effort, but it was still in the 130s. I discovered that my Pink playlist doesn’t work so well for workouts – I didn’t realize she did so many slow songs!

Day Two – Mission Complete

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Woke up sore today, mostly the muscles that run from under your arm down your side. Also some outer thigh tightness. Was pretty draggy all morning, but a soak in a hot tub seemed to do wonders.

Today was cardio day, so I did 20 minutes of Zumba, dancing along with some YouTube videos. Will try to do more over the weekend, but 20 minutes was all I was up to today.

Day One – Mission Complete

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was tempted to skip it, because I was sneezing my head off and feeling draggy, but I made myself go to the gym today… the first session of Project Shepard. Spent a little over an hour there, walked two miles, and spent the rest of the time in weight training.

First day observations…

1) My arm muscles got a great workout, I can tell, but my leg muscles don’t feel the same shaky/burn sensation. I think I’ll have to push those harder on Friday.

2) Cardio got easier throughout the session. The first ten minutes, I felt totally gross, but after that, while I still kept my heart rate as high as the first ten minutes, if not higher, it just wasn’t as onerous.

3) I can tell I burned some calories, because I am -starved-. My breakfast of Cheerios may have to be beefed up to include some protein of the non-dairy variety.